Building Product Salesperson

Wow your customers. Get sales leads.

Connect with your customers early and instantly show them the true benefits of your product or service on their building, on the web, beautifully. No more clunky spreadsheets.

When used as a sales tool, Condense models your product’s energy and water savings, green benefits, rebates and incentives, maintenance and full lifetime costs on your customer’s building instantly, and produces beautiful reports on a web-connected tablet or PC.  The web-based interface requires only a few user inputs to model a building in a fraction of a second– much faster than any other platform in the industry.  This means it’s now possible to run thousands of models in minutes, ranking all potential strategies on ROI, energy savings, or other goals—and choose your product to show how it can shine in a potential customer’s specific building.

There’s zero drawing in Condense.  This is not a CAD program.  Just a few simple form inputs. No research or expertise needed. Quantities, cost and complete performance benefits are instantly presented in the building owner’s language.

Condense is a great sales lead generator. Building teams also use our tool to turbocharge their overall energy modeling and decision-making process, allowing them to discover your product in their models, and click on a link to contact your sales team.

To see how it works, click here.

This is what your customers will see: beautiful web-based reports instead of clunky spreadsheets.