Owner or Developer

Make the smartest decisions. Optimize performance.

With Condense, you might be smarter than the experts.

Get the information that you need to make confident decisions and be assured of your return on investment. With a few simple inputs, this tool allows you to quickly create full energy models and test out endless performance variables for a specific building. Used as an early estimating tool, Condense can instantly display construction cost, ROI, cash flows, maintenance cost, energy and water use, compliance with building code or environmental certifications like LEED, rebates and incentives, and real estate value to optimize the cost and performance of your building.  Condense reports are so elegant and conclusive, it makes it easy to sell your decisions.

There’s zero drawing in Condense. Using our building performance modeling tool reduces the opportunity for user input error and increases accessibility to users who don’t have 3D CAD modeling or engineering expertise.

We work hard to include building industry data, like the cost of real building products.  We’re constantly adding new design strategies, components and products to our system. Use it on new or existing building projects.

To see how it works, click here.

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