Lighting Consulting

Turbocharged consulting. Optimized performance.

Condense saves you money and cuts down the time to build your project pro forma or conduct feasibility assessments. Condense can produce an industry standard Energy Plus model faster and cheaper than anyone, and tailor it to your project. By providing energy and lighting calculations with expert guidance on design and equipment selections, Condense can help you optimize your building for construction cost, maintenance cost, certifications and rebates and incentives.

Lighting is a special corner of building performance that promises easy energy and cost savings, but can be full of pitfalls to implement. Because we have deep experience in lighting, it’s easy for us to guide your project gracefully through auditing, plan review, calculations, fixture selections and construction. Calculations of kWh and reviews are based on IESNA current guidelines, turbocharged by our own software.

Our lighting expert, Barry Howard, brings a unique combination of real estate experience, a natural aptitude for calculations, a firm grasp of the costs of lighting products and controls, special insight into senior housing lighting, and a passion for the way lighting can enhance an architectural space. Skip the coordination time between your architects, engineers and contractors on your next project.

We can also take it to the next level and customize the tool for large portfolios, making repetitive modeling easier and cheaper. To find out more, talk to us.


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