How it works

Fast modeling.  Zero drawing.

With Condense you can do comprehensive cost and feasibility planning in 5 minutes. Inputs are so easy, anyone working with your building can do it. Condense instantly models construction cost, operating and maintenance cost, energy, environmental, and health impacts, and rebates and certifications.  Finally you can see all the impacts in one place.  And it produces beautiful reports in a language building Owners speak.  So when you need to know “Can we do this project within budget?”, you can truly get quick, clear answers.

Let’s walk through the tool itself.

Simple Inputs. Start by picking your city. Choose the building energy standard. And add basic structure information.

Create different space types in building. Add as many space types as necessary to build your baseline model.

Set goals and discover solutions. Automatically find the best design strategies and building products based on the goals you specify.

Done! In the snap of your fingers, you’ve created a baseline energy model and can optimize improvements. 

Search for improvements. You can search through our library of improvements.  We’re adding new ones every day.

Review more details and customize to your building. Once you get the hang of it, you can look at the detailed model.  We calculate everything, like the construction loan, for example.

Create clear and concise reports. Reports are stunningly presentable.

Behind the scenes
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The building industry focuses far too much on energy modeling to predict performance, not to make early design decisions.
-Tristan Robers, BuildingGreen, June 20, 2013