How it works as a sales tool

Model your products fast. Ditch the spreadsheets.

With Condense you can quickly show your customers what the performance of your product looks like in their building and easily show ROI.  Condense instantly models construction cost, operating and maintenance cost, cash flows, environmental, and health impacts, and rebates and certifications.  And did we mention energy?  Our energy modeling platform is revolutionary, harnessing the accuracy of Energy Plus yet eliminating drawing and reducing audit and takeoff time.

Let’s walk through the tool itself.

Simple Inputs. Start modeling your customer’s building by picking the city and add basic structure information.  Choose the building energy standard.  We convert your energy standard directly into energy model inputs, so you don’t have to spend time researching it.  But if you want to, you can adjust energy model baseline inputs in detail on a separate form.  It works well as an existing building audit tool too.

Create space types.  Add space types and zones to represent the breakdown of your building.  Right now, our tool can model many different multifamily unit sizes and types, including market rate, senior and affordable, accessory spaces such as corridors and fitness rooms, and commercial spaces such as office, hi tech office, retail and others, with new types added all the time.  These space types determine a myriad of smart inputs for energy use as well as construction cost and maintenance, which can all be examined and adjusted in detail if needed.

Done! In the snap of your fingers, you’ve created a baseline energy model and can optimize improvements.

Add improvements. You can select your products to show how they perform in the context of your customer’s building.

Customize pricing.  You can adjust specifics like margins and pricing tiers quickly and easily.  For example you can keep up to three standard margin tiers stored, and then also add specific customer discounts on the fly.

Create clear and concise reports. Reports are stunningly presentable.

Behind the scenes
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The building industry focuses far too much on energy modeling to predict performance, not to make early design decisions.
-Tristan Robers, BuildingGreen, June 20, 2013