Does this tool replace detailed calculations for HVAC sizing or major financial investments?

No. Condense is intended to provide quick, order-of-magnitude results to help during the first stage of the decision-making process, and users should follow up with more detailed calculations, particularly for engineering or real estate investment purposes. Condense does not make any guarantees about performance benefits, potential LEED rating, loan rates, tax rates, financial outcomes, energy efficiency or ratings, health benefits, or cost savings or estimates.


How do I pick an orientation for modeling a space?

Choose an orientation that is closest to due north and that is easy to remember. You can add rotation under “space instances”. You can flip or rotate a space in any direction based off of your original model.


I don’t know what energy code was used when the building I’m auditing was built, what do I do?

Choose the year that is closest to the year your building was built or remodeled. You can always go back to make adjustments to specific components if necessary.


How are construction costs estimated?

We have hired a professional firm to provide us with construction material and labor cost estimates. We adjust for differences in labor costs in different cities.


Technical Questions

Do I need to own Microsoft Excel? What is the latest version I need to own?

Yes, you must have Microsoft’s Excel installed on your computer or subscribe to Microsoft 365. Our add-in will work with any version after Microsoft 2007.


How do I add my Microsoft add-in?

Instructions will be emailed to you with your version of the Condense tool. For technical issues, please email us at info@condense.cloud.


Does it work on Mac and PC’s?

Yes, the tool works on any Mac, PC or tablet.

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