Design with your eyes open.

With a few simple inputs, this tool allows you to quickly create full energy models and test out endless performance variables for a specific building. Instantly see construction cost, ROI, maintenance cost, energy and water use, compliance with building code or environmental certifications like LEED, rebates and incentives, and real estate value to optimize the cost and performance of your client’s building. Condense reports are so elegant and conclusive, it makes it easy to sell your design.

There’s zero drawing in Condense.  This is not a CAD program.  So you can use it anytime, including during pre-design, on the fly during a meeting, or as a quick way to create project proposals.  Just a few simple form inputs gets your model started.  No research necessary.  We work hard to include building industry data, like the cost of real building products.  We’re constantly adding new design strategies, components and products to our system.

Condense saves you money and cuts down the time to build your project pro forma or conduct feasibility assessments. Whether you’re an Architect, Engineer, or specialty consultant, you’ll save tons of research time, not having to look up the latest data on new building components and products, construction costs, and even building codes and certifications.  We do all this research for you so you can quickly generate a realistic cost estimate for your project matching your owner’s goals.  It’s especially useful for innovative LEED projects, when you’re not sure how much to budget for certain LEED credits.  We are LEED experts and we did that for you.

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