Our customers include:


The City of Dallas   The City of Dallas was a beta-stage customer. We developed the platform to help solve their need to coordinate data and insight on the 800+ municipal buildings owned and managed by the city. We added fire stations and libraries to our space types for this purpose.


The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)  The FAA came to us with a special problem.  They needed to quickly model three large buildings (office, lab, data center, mixed) for compliance with the Federal Guiding Principles for Sustainable Federal Buildings.  They did not have metering on the buildings because they were part of a larger campus, so there was no way to prove their energy savings easily.  They also could not afford the time and cost of a professional engineer to hand-model each building.  We solved their problem quickly with our modeling system, and also found them some additional energy strategies to meet their future targets.

“CloudForest software provided a whole building simulation concept with ease.”

Dave D. Masias, CEM, Federal Aviation Admistration


Peter Dick Architect and Builder, Austin, TX   Peter called Aide for consulting services to help find green strategies for a small law office building.  The project was delayed in permitting.  He was negotiating with the City over zoning constraints and found out he could earn some allowances by making it greener.  Instead of charging the thousands of dollars in consulting fees this would normally require, Aide suggested they try our software tool.  After some initial set up time to gather project information, we were able to model Peter’s project in real time in minutes on a conference call, and showed how certain key green strategies added up to a significant energy savings and other benefits.  We instantly produced reports that Peter could show his client and the City.  The project cruised through permitting and got back on track.  Peter was grateful for the speed of the solution, and also said his client, a commercial developer, was impressed with our reports which informed him clearly how much money he’d be saving in utility bills and how that affected the real estate value.


Build San Antonio Green (BSAG) is a green certification associated with the City of San Antonio’s building permitting process.  We are working with BSAG to develop custom reports to streamline their customer experience and save time and effort for their certification team.


Fox Energy is a Texas-based energy consulting firm that specializes in Energy Star certification for single family and multifamily residential developments.  They have a team of specialists that performs on site inspections and testing, and calculations for Energy Star as well as other compliance such as HUD financing.  We have been helping Fox Energy streamline their multifamily energy modeling process.


Night Bright Inc. (innovative commercial exit sign product) and AAL Builders Source are among those we’ve worked with to place real building products in our tool.


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