Behind the scenes

Our beginnings.

At our core, we are passionate about eliminating barriers for building owners to adopt better building technologies.  We have invested over 6 years and orchestrated the expertise of many building industry specialists to build Condense to that purpose.  As a company, we have created thousands of energy models for a variety of clients and needs and, in the process, have revolutionized how energy modeling is done. This project started as a simple spreadsheet combining Aide Fitch’s green building and architecture expertise with Barry Howard’s real estate finance expertise.  We quickly saw how this could be even more useful if we could improve the accuracy of the energy and cost modeling by incorporating full energy models and real construction costs. With help from many building industry experts, we developed an innovative and fast tool designed to help users quickly create energy models to test out different efficiency strategies.


Easy and razor sharp full-building energy modeling

Before we came along, full building energy modeling required 3D CAD skills to produce the geometry and engineering expertise to navigate the powerful but dizzying array of potential inputs. To make decision-making easier and faster for building owners, we knew we needed to revolutionize the way energy modeling was done. We created smart default inputs based on industry standards, energy standards, and building codes. We performed sensitivity analysis on all our typical Energy Plus inputs to find out which had the most impact and which could be ignored. The toughest part was simplifying the geometry inputs. And yes, we nailed it. Our automated methodology takes simple inputs anyone can do by typing in a few fields per building zone, and consistently comes in within a 1-2% margin of error versus traditional full building energy models. This accuracy has proven out across building types (multifamily, office, retail) and mechanical systems (packaged rooftop, central air-cooled chillers, etc.). And it still uses Energy Plus. We’ve simply automated the model production, running, and result compilation.


The Condense Solution

We offer a hybrid cloud-based and downloadable tool that combines the most appropriate technologies for challenges specific to the building industry. Software in the building industry needs to be designed to perform building audits or site visits in buildings with poor internet connectivity, be able to handle large, complex calculations and be nimble enough to update frequently for changes in energy codes, building codes, and building technologies. That’s why Condense’s hybrid solution is the very best of the industry. We offer a graphically rich user interface combined with a traditional Excel spreadsheet, web connectivity, and revolutionary energy modeling engine. Our energy modeling system operates off a central server. With a button click in their user interface, users can send out Energy Plus inputs packaged by our tool and receive results in minutes. Calculations are performed in Excel and there is no server lag because they are fully embedded in your desktop or cloud-based Excel file. Seamless online/offline capability is built in. Users can perform building audits in the field with no connectivity, no problem, and then return to an internet connection to do server-connected tasks like running the energy model. We can keep up with building industry changes very nimbly because calculation updates do not require layers of software code. In addition, we maintain a large library of building products on a server and users are able access the entire library through their user interface but only download the improvements they want.

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