Who we are

We understand this industry because we work in it.  CloudForest Software was founded and continues to be built with passion by experienced building industry professionals who hope to help our colleagues make smarter, better building decisions.  Did you know that buildings are the single largest source of energy use in our entire economy?  Buildings use more energy than industry or transportation.  Building design and maintenance is also a significant factor in most businesses’ cash flow.  Buildings are a huge impact on land use, solid waste, deforestation, CO2 emissions, water use, human health and overall quality of life.  We’re passionate about simplifying those numbers.  We started out trying to make it easier to build green.  In the process, we’ve made it easier to build, and we’re excited to share this advancement with anyone who can benefit from it.  We’ve been working on our tool, called Condense, for over 5 years, starting in Austin, TX, and later establishing headquarters in Louisville, CO.

Aide Fitch, RA, LEED AP, CEO & Co-Founder, is a registered architect with over 12 years of green building experience, as well as a background in energy modeling and life cycle assessment. She has shepherded many projects through the process of balancing financial viability with environmental performance (such as LEED certification), including Endeavor Realty’s Domain development in Austin, the Dallas Cowboys stadium, and the Advanced Micro Devices 840,000 sf design campus, which boasts a 1 million gallon rainwater harvesting system and LEED Gold. She has extensive experience with building performance modeling, including energy, water, and Life Cycle Assessment carbon footprinting. Aide coordinated the initial development of CloudForest’s software and now continues to build Condense with her expertise and a treasured team of passionate colleagues. Please contact Aide to have a conversation about our tool and how we might help you.

Mike Myers, LEED AP, SFP, VP Marketing, is also the founder and CEO of Myers Verde Company.  He is a tireless advocate for CloudForest’s simplified approach to building performance modeling, having witnessed the need for such a tool throughout his career.  Mike is a national speaker recognized for his 30 years of leadership and experience in developing and managing sustainability programs. Mike brings a total array of corporate, government and utility experience and innovation to CloudForest. As Manager of Energy Services for the City of Austin, Mike led the City of Austin’s award winning comprehensive energy efficiency (electric and gas) programs for all customer markets. In this role, he co-created and directed the development of the first and internationally acclaimed “Green Builder” Program. The Program received International Honors at the United Nations Conference in Rio de Janeiro. Mike served as Program Manager for the U.S. Department of Energy leading residential and commercial energy efficiency initiatives and was instrumental in promoting green building and sustainability initiatives across the U.S. Mike also was the Senior Sustainability Manager for Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Energy and Environmental Services and helped to create the Company’s first green building policy for its national and global operations.  He has worked for New York City and the City of San Antonio and currently provides high level guidance to local governments and federal agencies on implementing sustainability programs, including the Guiding Principles for Federal Leadership in High-Performance and Sustainable Building.

McKenzie S. Bolduc, LEED Green Associate, COO, is dedicated to clean energy solutions, and brings to the table a strong background in business development, program management and operations. Her experience includes consulting on regulatory issues to multiple companies that manufacture energy saving products for buildings. She managed a research team to track the national electric regulatory environment. And she has extensive experience in research, data coordination, and presentation for sustainability-driven initiatives.

Barry Howard, LEED AP, Co-Founder and Lighting Expert, has a natural facility with numbers, information, and people that has allowed him to joyfully bridge his career between experience in real estate development and the exciting, quickly evolving world of lighting and controls systems.  Prior to his experience in the lighting industry, Barry racked up 25 years of experience in real estate analysis/development.  He was responsible for the investment and development plans for close to 23,000 residential units with over $400,000,000 in equity-and mezzanine debt raised. Barry assisted with the development of CloudForest’s finance algorithms.  More recently Barry has plunged neck deep into the world of lighting sales and design, with projects across the country.  He is now continuing to work closely with CloudForest on collaborative energy efficiency and energy modeling consulting projects, bringing the ability to quickly analyze lighting plans or walk through existing buildings and calculate lighting distribution and energy impacts.  Because of his unique combination of extensive first-hand knowledge of available lighting products, combined with his experience building commercial and multifamily real estate, Barry can recommend the best lighting to enhance aesthetics, save energy, and reduce first cost, and eliminate installation headaches.  Barry is also helping CloudForest build algorithms around common lighting analysis tasks.


Jacob Goodman, LEED AP BD+C, Energy Modeler, JG Energy Analytics,  is assisting CloudForest with energy modeling and model processing tasks, including comprehensive geometry studies and specific energy modeling projects for customers.


Robert Salcido, PE, LEED AP, Salcido Solutions, is a Principal with Salcido Solutions starting in 2015.  Prior to starting Salcido Solutions, Robert was employed at Architectural Energy Corporation (AEC), a firm specializing in sustainable design and analysis of buildings as well as energy information products.  Mr. Salcido had been with AEC for 11 years before AEC merged with NORESCO and has been working in the area of energy efficiency in buildings since 1992. He has a Bachelors degree in Environmental Resources Engineering as well as a Masters in Civil Engineering. He is also a registered Professional Engineer in Colorado. Mr. Salcido was the Director and Project Manager for the REM/Rate Home Energy Rating Software and REM/Design Home Energy Analysis Software.

Ted Bradford, CloudForest investment partner, was a Partner and Senior VP at Fairfield Development Company and continues to advise CloudForest and Condense on the real estate development industry.

Development Partners

CloudForest was originally developed with help from the following building industry experts, with additional assistance from a small army of software developers.
The Right Environment, Life Cycle Assessment
EEA Consulting Engineers
AGCM Construction Management Services
Waeltz & Prete, Civil Engineers
JEC Lumen Solutions
Adele Houghton Consulting, Sustainability consulting advancing public health

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